Kustom Printz & Keepsakes

Bring your creativity to life with our Kustom Printz collections. These are made to order products and are all designed and completed in Sydney. 

Our Kustom Printz collections is worked as a team with the most talented and passionate designers making it all happen.

Praveen Ramachandran  from Artsymonk – the designer behind the idea of ” Wear / Use It With Pride “. His passion for design and photography brings us the most splendid ideas to print.

Ronnie Laing from Snake Gully T-shirts – the designer that does a fabulous job at printing our entire range of Kustom Printz & Keepsakes with loads of love and dedication.

Together we bring creativity to life converting them into fond memories.

Have a favorite drawing or a letter from your precious little darling, why not ” Wear / Use it with Pride “. There will not be any editing of anysort to the main content by done by the child, it will be printed as it is. Show off your children’s work by exploring their creativity.

Are you a Teacher or Day Care Educator? These will make perfect gifts.

Want to preserve a departed loved one’s memories? Why not get something unique made with their precious clothes. 

Memory blankets, Soft toys, Fabric wall hangings, name it and we can work around designing something unique. Call, Text or Email us with your enquiries!

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