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180kg Compact Mobile Patient Lifter

180kg Compact Mobile Patient Lifter 180kg Compact Mobile Patient Lifter is an Aluminium made lightweight lifter with such specifications as

320kg Mobile Patient Lifter

320kg Mobile Patient Lifter 320 kg Mobile Patient Lifter is a heavy-duty patient lifter and mobile. It is fully featured;

Bed pan

Bed pan Plastic ergonomic shaped bedpan easily transporting and cleaning. 2.5 litre capacity.  A bedpan or bed pan is a

Bed Rail Protectors

Medical Grade Foam, Fit Static & Collapsible Bed Rails, 2 Size Options, Pair Bed Rail Protectors are uniquely designed to

Bedside Safety Crash Mat

Economy Bedside Safety Crash Mat Soft & High Energy Absorbing Foam – Easy To Store – Cost Effective Cushioned bedside

Chair Slide Sheet

Chair Slide Sheet Cushion enables the user to slide easily in one direction yet resists sliding in the other, aids

Denmark Shower Commode Chair

Denmark Shower Commode Chair Height adjustable, mobile commode chair, 150kg capacity. Made in Denmark. European design for high quality and

Disposable Lifter Hoist Sling

Disposable Lifter Hoist Sling Disposable Lifter Hoist Sling is a disposable, general-purpose sling that has been built with head control.

Disposable Nose Clip 100Pk

Disposable Nose Clips 100Pk are foam padded and disposable. They are designed for patient comfort and seal on the nose

Etac Mobile Shower Commode

Etac Mobile Shower Commode Convenient mobile shower commode available in 2 sizes with detachable and folding arm rests, retractable foot

Floor Swivel Turnplate

Floor Swivel Turnplate By Etac Swiveling floor cushion for ease of transfer of seated patients with limited or no lower

Hospital Slide Sheet

Hospital Slide Sheet By Etac Slide sheet designed for hospital use to insert a hoist sling without needing to roll