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Body Support Bed Wedge

Multi density layer design memory foam bed wedge for comfort and high density rebound foam for support. Body support wedge

Bone Shaped Pillow

Comfort, dignity, circulation, pressure ulcer prevention, recovery A dignified and convenient way to care, replacing rolled up towels & oversised

Knee & Leg Pillow, Orthopaedic

Thicker, wider and a more supportive knee pillow. Perfect for recovery, lower back pain, hip pain and sleep comfort. Used for

Leg Elevation Wedge

Soft ergonomic wedge pillow to elevate legs, heels and ankles. Leg Elevation Wedge is designed to promote and improve circulation

MediSkin+ Bone Shaped Pillow

Water Resistant – Soft Memory Foam – Wipeable – Pressure Area Care Replacing rolled up towels & oversized pillows in

MediSkin+ Knee & Leg Pillow

Medical Memory Foam – High Care – Fluid Resistant, Wipeable Surface Hygienic and convenient way to encouraging dignity and comfort